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How often have you copied songs onto your iPod and then lost the original MP3 files from your computer? Or have your mate got the best track on his iPod yet you can't get hold of it? Or did you update your iPod at home and now want to copy the tracks to your work PC? Well, there are a few programs that let you do it - yet I could not find any free ones without limitations. I could only find shareware versions, where I would need to pay to get the extracted tracks named anything reasonable. Well, as is often the case, I had to get coding and create one myself. Now that it's here - I decided to give it away for free - to help others.

Here are screenshots of the program. Click on the image for a large picture.

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Program Features
The features of the program are not numerous - but everything I needed is here:

  • Qucickly open and display the content of the iPod database with many commonly used fields.
  • Sort database view by any of the fields.
  • If needed, view only the first few tracks from the database.
  • Define the output filename of the extracted tracks using easy to understand templates.
  • Extract one or many files in one operation.
  • No complicated installation - simply unzip the program and run from any directory.
  • Very intuitive interface.
  • Fast extract operation.
  • It's absolutely FREE!

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Revision History

  • Version 0.2
    • Added reading playlists from the iPod and filtering by playlists.
    • Added a function to read a stand-alone iPod database file.
    • Added %autonumber% filename template parameter.
    • Fixed minor display problems in the status bar and the "overwrite file" dialog.
  • Version 0.1b
    • Major rework to correctly handle unicode and accented characters.
    • Exported track list is now in unicode text.
    • Fixed a bug trying to use special characters in filenames.
    • Added progress bar, displayed while copying files or loading iPod database.
    • Added accending and descending sort of track list.
    • Updated user interface to use Windows XP visual styles.
  • Version 0.1a
    • Initial revision - basic features are here!

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I would like to thank the great people at http://ipodlinux.org for providing a comprehensive description of the iTunes database format, used to store the track information on iPod players.

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Legal Note
iPod Getter is Copyright ©2006 by Aleksandr Gekht (The Shchuka's Place).

This program is provided to you free of charge and with absolutely no warranty. Use it at your own risk The author bears no responsibilities for any damage caused by the use or misuse of this program and will not be held liable for any inappropriate or illegitimate use. No support will be provided by the author - you are on you own.

If you need to contact the author, you can do so here.

The author does not suggest, approve or condone any illegal copying and copyright theft. The author will not be held responsible for copyright infringements commited while using this program.

iPod™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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Download the latest release here. Simply unzip iPodGetter.exe from inside the ZIP file, place it into any directory and execute it.

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