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Hello - and welcome to Shchuka.com. This is not a commercial site: it is not here to make money or sell you anything. It is here to help you - by sharing the software I wrote for myself. This site probably will not save the world, but it will hopefully save you a few quid, or bucks, or whatever currency you happen to use in your daily life - because all software shared here is free.

I start off with only a handful of titles, but as more get created - they will be added here - for you to browse and download. So, have a look - and enjoy!

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Merge MP3

To start with, the most popular of the bunch, Merge MP3.

It is often necessary to merge multiple sound files into one recording. This need may arise for various reasons: merge ripped CD tracks into one, combine multiple chapters of an audiobook, etc. There are many great programs to achieve this, but very few of them are actually free. I've discovered that while all of these programs perform the task well, they also contain lots of other features, making them too complicated for the tasks. This is why when I needed the plain vanilla merging utility, I could not find one that was free - and decided to write one myself. Get more details and download it here.

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iPod Getter

Next in line is iPod Getter.

How often have you copied songs onto your iPod and then lost the original MP3 files from your computer? Or have your mate got the best track on his iPod yet you can't get hold of it? Or did you updated your iPod at home and now want to copy the tracks to your work PC? Well, there are a few programs that let you do it - yet I could not find any free ones without limitations. I could only find tshareware versions, where I would need to pay to get the extracted tracks named anything reasonable. Well, as is often the case, I had to get coding and create one myself. Get more details and download it here.

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OU Passwords

Now one for the enterprise - OU Passwords.

Sometimes it is necessary to automatically audit an Active Directory Organisational Units (OU) to find users whose passwords are about to expire or have expired - and notify these users accordingly. Several programs exist to perform this task but, like anything written for an enterprise-scale companies usually carries an enterprise-scale price tag. OU Passwords is a simple tool for an otherwise complicated task. Get more details and download it here.

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And the newest addition - iTunesCoder.

iTunes is a very powerful application that allows you to store, manager, play and so on all of your media. It also has a powerful format converter built in, which lets you convert your sound files between any of the support formats, most notably, AAC, MP3 and Apple Lossless. However, all of the conversion features are part of the iTunes interface and therefore cannot be used in a scripting manner. iTunesCoder is a small (and I mean - small - at only 26 KB), which you can use to script conversion with iTunes - or even importing files into iTunes music library. The command line nature of this program makes it very easy to use with other popular programs, such as Foobar2000, EAC, CDEx, AudioGrabber and others. Get more details and download it here.

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Legal Note
All software presented here is Copyright © by Aleksandr Gekht (The Shchuka's Place).

This software provided to you for free - and it is against the license agreement to charge for any of this software.

Under the license granted to you in conjunction with the software available on this site, you may use this software for any purpose as long as it is not used to commit, facilitate, aid, or abeit any illegal activities, including but not limited to copyright violoations and patent infringements. In any event, the author will not be held responsible for any illegal activities performed by, or as a result of, using this software.

If you need to contact the author, you can do so here.

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While the software is provided to you free of charge, you can express your appreciation by a small donation. Any amount, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated - and will fund development of future versions. All donations are processed via PayPal, which is quick, easy and safe, and you can use any major credit or debit card.

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