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iTunes is a very powerful application that allows you to store, manager, play and so on all of your media. It also has a powerful format converter built in, which lets you convert your sound files between any of the support formats, most notably, AAC, MP3 and Apple Lossless. However, all of the conversion features are part of the iTunes interface and therefore cannot be used in a scripting manner. iTunesCoder is a small (and I mean - small - at only 26 KB) program, which you can use to script conversion with iTunes - or even importing files into iTunes music library. The command line nature of this program makes it very easy to use with other popular programs, such as Foobar2000, EAC, CDEx, AudioGrabber and others. Sample configuration strings are provided in the readme.txt file.

Below is a screenshot of the program's execution. Click on the image for a large picture.

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Program Features
The program's features are all you need from a command-line encoder:

  • Convert between any formats supported by iTunes: WAV, MP3, AAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless.
  • Keep converted file in iTunes library or remove it once conversion is completed.
  • Specify many tag fields on the command line: artist, album, title, genre, year, track number, total tracks, disc number, total discs, compilation, grouping, year, beats-per-minute, composer and comments.
  • Add artwork from an image file to the converted track, if the destination format supports it.
  • Easily integrates with most popular programs, such as Foobar2000, EAC, CDEx, Audiograbber and other.
  • Full support for unicode and accented filenames and tag values.
  • No complicated installer, no dependencies - simply unzip and run from any directory.
  • It's absolutely FREE!

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Revision History

  • Version 0.1a
    • Initial revision.

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Many thanks to Otto (Samuel Wood) for providing the inspiration for writing this program. My inspiration comes from the iTunesEncode program that he wrote several years ago. Unfortunately, he lost the source code for it. This program is completely original, but keeps options compatibility with that program while adding a few new ones.

Apple iTunes SDK is what made this program possible, of course. While the documentation is very basic and the header file had syntax errors in it, all in all, it's workable.

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Legal Note

iTunesCoder is Copyright (c) 2009 Aleksandr Gekht (The Shchuka's Place). All rights reserved.

This program is provided to you free of charge on an as-is basis. Under no circumstances will the author be held liable or responsible for any damages, incidental or otherwise, associated with the user or misuse of this program. The author further absolves any and all responsibility for any copyright infingements committed while using this program. For full legal notice, please refer to the included readme.txt file.

Apple and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

If you need to contact the author, you can do so here.

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Download the latest release here. Simply unzip iTunesCoder.exe and readme.txt from inside the ZIP file, place them into any directory and execute iTunesCoder. Please read readme.txt file carefully before using this program.

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